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Jenna Kelly, CPA - Partner

Jenna Kelly - Hurst Kelly Certified Public Accountants

Jenna Kelly, CPA

Jenna is the co-founder of Hurst, Kelly & Company LLC and is responsible for the income tax planning, tax preparation, and tax filing services that Hurst, Kelly & Company LLC offers. Additionally, Jenna oversees the full line of QuickBooks services and support that Hurst, Kelly & Company LLC provides. 

Prior to starting Hurst, Kelly & Company LLC, Jenna served on the assurance and income tax practice units of a regional accounting firm.  Prior to her career in public accounting, Jenna worked in the internal audit departments of two fortune 500 companies.

Jenna’s public accounting background provides her with a diverse and balanced skill set.  She is current and up to date on both recent and emerging tax compliance issues as well as recent and emerging developments on accounting issues.  Having experience in accounting, auditing and taxation makes Jenna uniquely qualified to provide integrated accounting and tax services to her clients.

Additionally, having worked in the internal audit departments of two fortune 500 companies, Jenna is very knowledgeable about the design, implementation and effectiveness of internal controls.  Drawing upon her experience working in internal audit, Jenna is able to formulate and implement creative solutions for operational improvement for her clients.

Jenna holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Ohio State University and a Master of Science in Accounting from the University of Cincinnati.  Jenna is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Email Jenna directly at JennaKelly@HurstKelly.com.