About Us

About Hurst, Kelly & Company, LLC

Hurst, Kelly & Company LLC is a public accounting firm located in Deerfield Township, Ohio.  The Firm was founded by two certified public accountants, Mark Hurst and Jenna Kelly, who previously worked at a large regional accounting firm where they collectively performed various services including individual and corporate income tax planning and compliance, accounting and auditing services as well as consulting services.  Their collective experience includes serving individuals, privately held enterprises, local governments and not-for-profits.

Hurst, Kelly & Company LLC was founded based on three specific principles:

  • Provide clients with the highest level of technical expertise
  • Deliver the most responsive service
  • Offer exceptionally competitive fees

While working in the public accounting industry, Mark and Jenna noticed a real need for a firm such as Hurst, Kelly & Company LLC.  They observed that most medium and large sized accounting firms usually had sufficient technical expertise in-house to perform services well, but that technical expertise was at the very top of the respective firm’s pyramidal structure.  Very rarely would that expertise trickle down and add value to the services that the firm was engaged to perform.  Additionally, these medium and large sized firms usually were quite costly with respect to fees.

Furthermore, there are a larger number of smaller firms working in the public accounting industry.  Mark and Jenna noted that there frequently was a wide disparity in the technical expertise being offered between some of these smaller firms compared to their medium and large-sized counterparts.

It was from these two observations that Hurst, Kelly & Company LLC was founded.  Hurst, Kelly & Company LLC is structured to bring a high level of technical expertise and responsive service to our clients at very competitive fees.  We serve our clients the way we would want to be served – accurately, efficiently and professionally.

Thank you for taking a moment to read about our firm and the services that we offer.  We greatly welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how our firm may be of assistance to you.